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We strengthen your child’s development by providing specific entry level stages matched for their age and ability.

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Parent Information

Below is important parent information. We have covered some details however we will discuss other information with you when you visit.

Opening Hours
Natural Steps Albany
7am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday.
We only close for statutory holidays. 
Natural Steps Ellerslie Village
8am to 5.30pm. 
We close for statutory holidays and 2 weeks over Christmas.


Both all centres have received a GOLD Healthy Heart Award from the Heart Foundation for the amazing things we do to promote healthy food and physical activity in the centre.  Our aim is to encourage children's healthy eating habits. Cooked by our in-house cook we provide morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack. The current menu is displayed on the Parents Notice board and is on a 5 weekly rotation.  With assistance from teachers children are taught to self-serve their food and use real crockery, glassware and utensils. We are helping our children/tamariki to have healthy habits and healthy hearts for life.
Baby Bag and Nappies
We provide a baby bag for all our children in the Nursery. To help our busy parents all disposable nappies are provided for children in the centre.

Developmental rooms
Because each child develops at his or her own pace, the age ranges are approximate only. Children will move from one room to the next when he or she is ready.

Teacher to Child Ratios
At Natural Steps we maintain outstanding teacher to child ratios. The Early Childhood Regulations state minimum ratio requirements for Under 2's is 1:5 and Over 2's being 1:10. We maintain ratios of 1:4 for infants, 1:5 for toddlers and 1:7 for preschools.

Qualified Teachers 
At Natural Steps we recognise the importance of providing quality early childhood education by a skilled and knowledgeable workforce.  We make every effort to maintain a 100% qualified teaching team and provide professional development for all our teachers.

Starting at Natural Steps
Prior to starting we will contact you to arrange a series of visits. Detailed information available on our webpage, under Our Approach. If you would like to book a visit please click here.

Communicating with parents is a critical part of how we care for your child. You are always welcome in the Centre to talk to staff about any aspect of your child's care and development. Aside from that we have a number of regular ways that we keep in touch along with books and other resources at our Centres that you are welcome to borrow.

Weekly Steps
All parents will receive weekly emails showing you just what's been going on in your child's centre. This is driven through our Weekly Steps system that you access to via a unique login. The weekly updates will include photo galleries and videos of specific activities that your child may be involved with over the week.  Click here to find out more about Weekly Steps.

Newsletters are an important communication tool between the centre and home. Our newsletters provide stories of teaching and learning, staff news, housekeeping and memorable moments. These are available in the centre information on our website and hard copies are available at the centre your child attends.

Your Child's Online Portfolio
We have a service available should parents like their child to have an online private portfolio.  This is available through Educa (an online education management system). Your child's e-portfolio is a snapshot of their time spent at Natural Steps, illustrating your child's strengths and interests, and serves to record their efforts, program, and achievements.

Portfolio Books
Nursery Journals are offered for young children and are a valuable communication tool between home and centre with information on your child's sleeping, feeding and toileting. It also holds treasured memories and photos of your child's time at Natural Steps.

Child Portfolios are a snapshot of your child's time spent at Natural Steps illustrating your child's strengths, interests, recording their efforts, program, and achievements. You might like to go through it with your child so you can discuss their activities with them.

Parenting Links
We're hungry for information about early childhood education. As we find new information we'll share our learning with you by adding new websites to our links page. Click here to take a look.

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Terms and Conditions
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Should you need further information please contact our centres:

Natural Steps Albany on 09 479 5051 or email us at

Natural Steps Ellerslie Village on 09 579 7019 or email us at