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A Walk to Explore, Discover and Learn

Regular Outings are a fantastic way to empower children to explore confidently and ask questions to make sense of the world they see around them.

A Walk to Explore, Discover and Learn

"I saw lots of bugs and frogs", "I really like to play rugby at the park", "I like runing.  I run fast".  Children talkiing about there walk.

At Natural Steps Early Childhood Centre we aim to provide opportunities for children and their families to make meaningful connections within the local and wider community. We incorporate regular outings, such as spontaneous local walks (Regular Outings) into the curriculum where they are relevant to the centre programme and can show educational benefit.  We have trips to the park, to the reserve, to local businesses.  The children always have a quick debrief about the boundaries and the rules before we leave then we go to explore.  We all love our walks.