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NS ALBANY Engaging Children's Minds and Bodies.

We watched the caterpillar turn to a chrysalis, right before our eyes.

Engaging Children's Minds

Recently the children have been propelled into a world of bugs.

The curiosity and discussion have been plentiful.   At the art table children extended their knowledge of caterpillars by connecting their learning about the life cycle.  Children painted, drew and used cutting and pasting skills to arrange the life cycles.

Outside teachers have entertained the children's understanding and learning of spider webs through an array of games and competitions. They have loved the 3D and 2D set ups which has had the added benefit of engaging the children in gross motor learning of their bodies and their abilities to balance and coordinate themselves. This is so an important aspect of the “Moving domain” from our Literacy programme, Magic Caterpillar.

It has been an exciting learning time.