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Ironman can do it, so can we.

Children today are "digital natives"

Ironman can do it. So can we.

Sadly Ironman (AKA Tony Stark, Robert Downey, Jr) was unable to visit our centre.  However we were very fortunate to have Mr Brian Puerling, author of Teaching in the Digital Age visit our Natural Steps ALBANY centre on his way to the Early Childhood Conference. After visiting the centre we were able to catch up over lunch and talk about early childhood education and technology.  In a  recent article in the NZ Herald he is quoted to say   "much angst about children and technology stemmed from experience with television, but "not all screens are created equal.  A TV screen doesn't invite interconnectivity, but a touch screen invites another experience, where the child can be in control of it and creating something."

Having reviewed our technology in our centres, we see how capable the children are and will be upgrading our computers to 'touch screens'.  It is all very exciting.

However, have no fear as technology will not replace other forms of learning but will complement them.  Brian Puerling's book, Teaching in the Digital Age can be found at the centre.