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NS ELLERSLIE VILLAGE 2014. It just gets better and better

Older brains can learn new tricks.

NS Steps EV welcome back

We ended 2013 with coming runner-up at the Ellerslie Christmas Parade and having a disco for our annual Christmas celebration.  3 weeks holiday we return to our centre excited to be with our friends and teachers

What an exciting year 2014 is turning out to be. We welcome back Tiffany, head teacher of Under 2 villa. Tiffany is back from maternity leave and returns with Piper. For the Over 2's our new art room is planned to be completed by February 2014 and Christine, head teacher in the Over 2 villa is off to ipad Confrence on 20 January 2014.

At Natural Steps we believe that keeping up with information and communication technologies (ICT) not only means keeping up to date with rapidly changing technologies. It also means successfully using these new technologies.

Our children are born into an exciting world of technology.  Providing them with the skills to naturally adapt to it from a young age,  They are developing an innate understanding of digital and computer technologies, which will be essential in all parts of their lives.

Christine armed with the centres new ipad is off to conference.  We look forward in her sharing her new knowledge to those of us not born into the digital age.