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'The time is always right to do what is right' Dr Martin Luther King Jr

NSEV Fundraising 2013

At Natural Steps it is part of our tradition that annually each centre gets behind a fundraising event.  This is much more than children raising money.  We feel it is a valuable learning and teaching experience.  Fundraising gives children a sense of empowerment and enjoyment.  Children do not often have the monetary resources available to them to bring about change, but through fundraising, they can acquire the monetary means necessary to begin the process of change. They see first hand that they have the ability to make a positive change in their communities.   We hope that their acts of helping and sharing contributes to the development of  moral judgment and a better understanding of civic responsibility.

Natural Steps ELLERSLIE VILLAGE.  After months of talking, planning, designing and creating on Sunday 4th August 2013 we held our Art Extravaganza and Wearable Arts show.  Our fundraising cause was for Cure Kids.  Our centre of 46 children raised $1710.00.

Cure Kids focus is on raising funds so medical research can find cures for the life-threatening illnesses that affect many of our children.  They kicked off there annual appeal on Thursday 1 August, leading up to Red Nose Day on Friday 23of August. Last year’s campaign raised $1.3 million dollars and 100% of the funds raised went directly to funding medical research.