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"Working together step by step"

Leaving your child in a new environment can be a difficult thing to do, especially at such a young age, and we believe it is up to us to show that your child is in a caring and trusting environment. 

Parents will feel connected to their child's experiences and will receive information on how their child has sleep, eaten, and the teacher's observations on their child's well-being, relationships, and learning. 

The sharing of information enables parents to trust the teachers and the setting, and feel assured that their child is well cared for, settled and secure. 

Face to Face Communication

Parents and families are welcome inside the centre.  Our manager and teachers take the time for verbal communications when parents drop off or pick up their child.  We love having parents contribute to their children's learning and sharing with us  their child's interests and learning at home.

If time is short during drop off or pick up and parents would like a meeting with the manager or a teacher please phone or email the centre and a time will be arranged. 


Storypark is our online platform to stay connected with families.

Storypark is an effective two-way communication tool to share essential updates, messages, photos, and children's routines and learning.  

We use Storypark for:

  • Your child's routine. Daily, as it happens, teachers will share your child's routine.  This will be their sleep pattern, toileting, eating and bottle timetable and anything general ie medication given, sun cream applied etc. 
  • Your child's online learning portfolio  Every child has an online portfolio that records their learning, an event, reaching a milestone and acceleration. Parents are encouraged to share news, memories, and information from home. 
  • Child self-assessmentThe teacher and older children use Storypark Child Mode to safely record children's reactions, voices, views and thoughts about how they see their learning. 
  • Daily diary.  Parents and families on Storypark will receive a photo record of the children's daily happenings based on the current learning plan. 
  • Community posts. Community posts allows us to share group messages and newsletters to all our families.
  • Natural Steps Policies. All our policies are available in Storypark or please email the centre for a copy. 

We still provide hard copies of the sharing of information and learning at the centre. 

Child Portfolios

A snapshot of your child's time spent at Natural Steps illustrating your child's strengths, interests, recording their efforts, program, and achievements. This is an important book where child can revisit their learning and child are able to self access their learning. 

Centre Newsletters

Newsletters provides a source of communication between the centre and parents. Our newsletter lets you know our monthly calendar, what learning is happen at the centre, teacher news, centre internal evaluation and policy review, and photographs and articles on everything from field trips to finger painting :-)

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